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Pimp our blog

4 Nov

With our books somewhere between Shenzhen and Hamburg, hopefully arriving at the latter port in about two weeks, we deemed it to be the right time to tweak around with the blog a bit. Our first change: we got rid of the wordpress in our blog’s name. As you may have noticed (if you are a returning visitor) it is now adewani.com

Then we forked out some more dough to get more space for media. Without this extension we cannot upload audio files. Well, now we can and will. Very soon we plan to write about the audio version of Jibonka, which ended up as a CD in the back of the book.

Then we realized that we cannot strech our budget any more. So now we are trying to find a budget friendly plug-in, to offer Jibonka right here on this page (without turning it into a shop). It has to be some kind of button, which makes an order possible. Any suggestions? Please let us know and comment!

And finally, my resident social media consultant and award collecting wife helped us, by replacing the Category “Allgemein” by the new categories “Deutsch” and “English”, which now lets you look for blog post in the language of your choice (well, of the two).


A blocked blog?

8 Jan

A happy new year to the world and all the rest. 2011 should be the year “Jibonka” will be published. Jörg is working on the final adjustments the bigger format necessitated while I master the audio version.

Now, Jibonka will be printed in China. While discussing several issues with the printer I learned that they cannot read this blog. While I knew that the net is not fully accessible in China I thought this blog was harmless enough. I will try to find out if the blog is generally blocked in China and I will try to find out why. And of course post all my findings here.

Does anyone know whether all wordpress blogs are blocked in China? Comment highly welcome!

UPDATE: Looks like all wordpress blogs are currently eing blocked in China. Sad.

And another update: a friend in Hong Kong told me, he could acces the blog. So there still is a special legislation for Hong Kong. Encouraging.