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Christmas and Chinese New Year

15 Dec

What, you might ask, do Christmas and Chinese New Year have do do with a children’s picture book that is not about either? Well, let’s tackle them in sequence: Christmas means some extra time for parents. Gifts are an issue. And not only the ones you intend to give to your own kids. A lot of relatives aks you for suggestions and they have kids, too. Anway, it simply is not the time for a full time father/part time writer to lock himself in all morning and every evening doing the final touches on the book or the audio book version – especially when the kids get sick. Why all this frentic work after it took more than six years to get this far?

Because our printer informed us that they could ship the printed goods to us quiet soon – if we submit all our stuff before December 25th. And why this? Because there is a lot to do for a Chinese printer before Chinese New Year, which is January 28th next year if I am notmistaken.

We have no publication date yet, but we postpone it anyway. We decided to take some of the pressure off and get “Jibonka” finished in our own time rather than hurry it. Thus February 2011 is off, April is more like it. So what? We have control over almost everything concerning the book – why should the publication date be an exception?