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Looking Back

22 Jun

This Blog does not get a lot of attention. How could it? With a post a year it is not what you might call newsworthy. This Blog is about the adventure of getting published. Our book, Jibonka, has been published, well, we published it. Initially, we sold quite a few copies. Even more important – almost all of the people who bought a copy liked it and some even got a second to give it to friends.

BUT we did not manage to get Jibonka into a lot of bookstores. So we did not have any distribution to speak of. I think 99,99999999% of the people in Germany haven’t got the faintest inkling Jibonka exists, elsewhere even less people know about the only book with more than 75 Black Forest Cakes in it.

We have to admit that we cannot sell the book. It is really difficult to get it done, but I think we also lost confidence and motivation along the way.

I guess had we invented the iPhone we would have sold about a dozen of them and then given up. 

So, if we do another book, we will only do it with a publisher!


Jibonka on amazon – at last!

4 Nov

It took us a while. But there we are. Amazon finally offers Jibonka. While you can still order directly via adewani@web.de, amazon surely has a much better reputation.

Once we had made the decision to put the book on amazon’s pages, we had to realize that it is not as simple as you might think. It took us a couple of hours to learn that we are not to dumb to post a picture alongside the title. No, only power sellers can do that. So we had to cancel our offer, create a power seller account, put the book on sale again and then, with a little, well a lot of counselling from amazon’s sellers centre, we managed to get a couple of pictures where they belong.

So now we only need to spread the news (which I do right now), a couple of reviews would be nice … and, yes, a couple of people who buy would give us a certain sense of achievement.

Succes or failure?

5 Dec

How do you measure succes? Always a tricky question. In competetive sports it might be an easy one to answer, but not when it comes to things like music, movies or books.

Last Thursday we had our first reading in Neustadt. Everything was fine, apart from the number of empty chairs. Still, we think of it as a succes. The few who were there enjoyed the experience. We had the chance to get through our first performance and we now now which parts of it to keep, which to drop and what needs to fixed.

One of the parts that we’ll keep is the glueing bit: kids take parts cut out the book and stick them to a paper to create a Jibonka scene and thus get a feeling for what it might be like to be an illustrator. This is last Thurday’s piece:


alternative version I of Jibonka

We basically learned two things: Firstly, if Jörg starts to draw, people’s jaws drop. This is something I’ve known for more than 25 years and something Jörg still is a bit reluctant to accept. Dear illustrator and friend: Take it as a fact!
And secondly, we learned that to avoid an increasingly embarrassing silence we need a good ending.

Well, we still have until this Thursday to come up with a convincing ending. And now that we have put up some posters for the reading in bookshops and schools we might even perform for more people than chairs – don’t worry, there will be chairs… hope to see you, this Thursday 8th December, 4:30 p.m. at the Konfetti (1st floor), Friedrichstraße 36.

Jörg zeichnet, der Rest staunt

Ausverkauft…für eine Stunde wenigstens

29 Nov

Nachdem heute die Neustädter und Bad Dürkheimer Ausgaben einen überaus positiven Artikel über Dschibonka im Kulturteil hatten, haben wir die Stapel im Keller etwas dezimieren können. Tatsächlich war Dschibonka im Wachenheimer “Buntstift” kurzzeitig ausverkauft!

Übermorgen ist dann der große Tag: die erste Mitmachlesung in Neustadt. Ab 16:30 Uhr im Veranstaltungsraum über dem Wirtshaus Konfetti. Die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren, fertig sind wir aber noch nicht.

Hier schon mal ein bisschen Musik, genauer die Tielmusik der Hörbuchversion, die im Buch als CD beiligt:

Pimp our blog

4 Nov

With our books somewhere between Shenzhen and Hamburg, hopefully arriving at the latter port in about two weeks, we deemed it to be the right time to tweak around with the blog a bit. Our first change: we got rid of the wordpress in our blog’s name. As you may have noticed (if you are a returning visitor) it is now adewani.com

Then we forked out some more dough to get more space for media. Without this extension we cannot upload audio files. Well, now we can and will. Very soon we plan to write about the audio version of Jibonka, which ended up as a CD in the back of the book.

Then we realized that we cannot strech our budget any more. So now we are trying to find a budget friendly plug-in, to offer Jibonka right here on this page (without turning it into a shop). It has to be some kind of button, which makes an order possible. Any suggestions? Please let us know and comment!

And finally, my resident social media consultant and award collecting wife helped us, by replacing the Category “Allgemein” by the new categories “Deutsch” and “English”, which now lets you look for blog post in the language of your choice (well, of the two).

Bits und Bücher I/Bits and Books I

18 Oct

Der Besuch auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse war…  ja, wie beende ich diesen Satz? Interessant trifft es zwar, ist aber ebenso konkret wie ein Statement von Merkel zur Schulden- und Finanzkrise. Anstrengend? Klar, wer alle Gänge einmal abgelaufen ist, hat 21 km hinter sich gebracht. Und wer, wie ich, mehrmals in Halle 3.1. an Stand G 131 nach dem Rechten schaute, hatte auch irgendwann keine Lust mehr, die schwere Tasche zu schultern. Informativ? Das in jedem Fall. Ich wollte mich in Frankfurt über die Möglichkeiten und Kosten von E-Books informieren – und das konnte ich ausgiebig.

Halle 3.1 Stand G 131

Halle 3.1 Stand G 131

My visit of the Frankfurt Bookfair was… well, how to end this sentence? Interesting might nail it, but would be as meaningless as any of Merkel’s statements about the European debt and financial crisis. Tiring? Sure, if one did a complete tour of all halls, one would have walked 21 km. And if one, like me for instance, checked back frequently at Hall 3.1 booth G 131, he at some point got tired of carrying a heavy bag. Informative? Most definitely so. Coming to Frankfurt I wanted to gather information on possibilities and costs of e-books – and there was plenty of information.

Buch mit Torte

Wie unschwer zu erkennen ist, fällt Dschibonka schon wegen seines Formats aus dem Rahmen. Bei einem Rundgang einen Stock tiefer, wo etablierte Verlage ihre Kinderbücher präsentierten, wurde mir schnell klar, dass unser nicht ganz so kleines Buch auch hier herausgestochen hätte. Selbst beim Versuch, unbefangen an die Sache zu gehen, habe ich nur sehr, sehr wenige Bücher gesehen, die ich als Vorleser für meine Kleine ausgesucht hätte. Gerade für die Altersklasse oberhalb von vier Jahren umschreibt “schwer” meinen Eindruck am besten. Und damit meine ich nicht kompliziert. Viele Bücher wirken moralingetränkt und betulich – die Leichtigkeit feht. Und wenn das einmal nicht so ist, ist es meist eine Übersetzung. Dabei geht es auch anders: Im Bücherregal meiner Jüngsten stehen schon zwei Abenteuer von Kuh Liselotte von Alexander Steffensmeier. Die finde ich auch rundrum klasse.

As is easily spotted Jibonka is different. A floor below, where established publishers presented their children’s picture books, I noticed that our not so tiny book would have stuck out among these, too. Even if try to take an impartial look at their books, there were not many books I might have picked to read to my Youngest. A lot of books seem to be drenched in moral lessons or overly protective, nothing light about them. And if they are different, most of these are translations. But there are brilliant German picture books: My Youngest’s shelve harbours two adventure of a cow called Liselotte by Alexander Steffensmeier. And these are marvelous.

Der absolute Hammer aber sind die Kinderbilderbücher eines spanischen Verlags namens EDELVIVES. Sollte ich deren Bücher mit dem Vergleichen, was ich in Halle 3 gesehen habe… ginge es um Autos, stünde Halle 3 voller Polos, Golf und Astra Kombis, während bei EDELVIVES die komplette Palette von Rolls Royce, allerdings mit Hybridantrieb rumstehen zu bestaunen wäre.

My highlight of the trip was the booth of Spanish publisher EDELVIVES. Should I compare their books to the ones I have seen in Hall 3 – if they were cars, Hall 3 would have been packed with VW Polo or Golf and Opel Astra estates (or station wagons) while EDELVIVES hosted the whole range of Rolls Royce but with Hybrid motors.

In Teil zwei von Bits und Büchern geht es dann um E-Books und ob es für Adewani interessant sein kann.

Part two of Bits and Books will be about the e-book and if it could be an option for Adewani


10 Oct

Als ich heute morgen eher nebenbei meine mails durchsah, klickte ich die von Bestywell, unserem Drucker, mit eher bangem Gefühl an. Und tatsächlich, Hellen teilte mir mit, dass unser Geld immer noch nicht auf dem Konto von Bestywell eingetrudelt ist – 14 Tage, nachdem ich das Überweisungsformular bei der Bank ausgefüllt habe. Prima! Es ist Montag, zehn Uhr. In Shenzhen also schon 16 Uhr. Wenn das Geld nicht bis Mittwoch da ist, verpassen wir die Cut-off time des nächsten Containerschiffs in Shenzhen – und damit wohl das Weihnachtsgeschäft.

When I checked my mails rather absentmindedly I opened the one from Bestywell with mixed feelings. And really, Hellen told me that our money hasn’t yet arrived – 14 days after I filled in a form at my bank. Well, it’s Monday, 10 a.m., thus 4 p.m. in Shenzhen. If the money is not in Bestywell’s account by Wednesday, they cannot release the books, we’ll miss the next container vessel’s cut-off time – and the christmas shoppers.

Also ließ ich Frühstück Frühstück sein, fuhr zur Bank und machte den Ernst der Lage klar. Die 15 Euro Expressgebühr, sagte man mir, hat die Bank schon am Freitag auf mein Konto zurückgebucht. Und jetzt würde man dem Geld nachforschen. Zurück zu Hause mailte ich Hellen, die inzwischen in Moskau ist (auf dem Weg zur Buchmesse),den Stand der Dinge und schlug vor, notfalls bar zu zahlen, wenn es sein muss am Mittwoch morgen in Frankfurt, damit sie ihren Leuten in Shenzhen sagen kann, dass sie die Spedition an die Bücher lassen können.

So I left my breakfast untouched and raced to the bank t explain the urgency to them. The express fee of 15 Euro had been returned to my account already last week, they told me. But now they assured me to really investigate as to the money’s whereabouts. Back home I mailed Hellen, by now in Moscow (on her way to Frankfurt) to explain the situation. And I suggested to pay cash, if necessary this Wednesday morning to allow time for her to tell her people to release the books.

Zwei Stunden später kam dann eine Mail aus Shenzhen. Eine Cathrine schrieb, dass sie ihrem Boss die Situation geschildert hat und – vergesst alle Clichés von verschlagenen asiatischen Kaufleuten – sie darf die Bücher losschicken, auch ohne dass unser Geld auf ihrer Bank ist. Ich soll nun tatsächlich bar zahlen, wenn ich Hellen auf der Buchmesse treffe oder eben doch schon am Mittwoch – das klären wir dann morgen. Welche Erleichterung! Und natürlich auch ein Vertrauensbeweis. Erinnert mich an was

Two hours later I got mail from Shenzhen. A Cathrine told me that she talked to her boss and explained things. So now – forget all chlichés about shrewed asian business people – they got permission to release the books before being paid. I have to pay cash, whether when I meet Hellen at the Frankfurt Bookfair or this Wednesday we’ll decide tomorrow. What a relief! And quiet a leap of faith on behalf of Bestywell. Reminds me of something