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Why Adewani?

26 Nov

Already in the early days of Jibonka, we realized that the way we approached the “creation” of a children’s picture book was completely different from the well trodden path of the trade. There usually is a story which gets ilustrated.

With Jibonka this is different. Jörg and I discussed the story, the look of its charakters, which font to use, which colours…in fact we discussed and developed every little detail of this work in progress. While this shows that a couple of years ago we had no idea about the way of the industry, it also gives you an idea of the adewani dao, the way we work – together.

Thus, one relatively early morning, sitting in the Italian sun in front of Jörg’s place on top of a Tuscan hill, sipping a potentially lethal coffee, we decided to give us ONE name. Just one name, simply to reflect that Jibonka was not written by someone on his own and later on illustrated by another, but developed bit by bit by a team, well us.

And then there was also the fact that Nittenwilm and Wagner have quite some teutonic flavour to them. While one of them on the cover of a book might make one think about a proper haircut, the two of them could very well give people the urge to invade other countries. And who would want this?

So, one name and with a little less Radetzky march in the background, please. And it took only another coffee in a bar later that day that we found it: Adewani.
The wa and ni are easily explained as they are just abbreviations for Wagner and Nittenwilm. We tried Adewani and Adeniwa, pronouncing it to a mildy headshaking Tuscan barista and settled for Adewani. Now the Ade part, I think I will have to check with Jörg whether we disclose its origins. It’s also a short form of words –  that much I can say. Adewani. It sounded nice and had a 1001 nights-oriental narrator ring to it.

Imagine our suprise when we tried to open a twitter account and adewani was already taken! It seems to be a regular Persian name. So we weren’t far off with the oriental narrator flavour.
Anyway, in true Adewani style we now recorded the audio version of Jibonka. One hitting the buttons, the other doing voices. But that is worth a post of its own.