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Looking Back

22 Jun

This Blog does not get a lot of attention. How could it? With a post a year it is not what you might call newsworthy. This Blog is about the adventure of getting published. Our book, Jibonka, has been published, well, we published it. Initially, we sold quite a few copies. Even more important – almost all of the people who bought a copy liked it and some even got a second to give it to friends.

BUT we did not manage to get Jibonka into a lot of bookstores. So we did not have any distribution to speak of. I think 99,99999999% of the people in Germany haven’t got the faintest inkling Jibonka exists, elsewhere even less people know about the only book with more than 75 Black Forest Cakes in it.

We have to admit that we cannot sell the book. It is really difficult to get it done, but I think we also lost confidence and motivation along the way.

I guess had we invented the iPhone we would have sold about a dozen of them and then given up. 

So, if we do another book, we will only do it with a publisher!


The wonders of photo shop

2 Mar

What is happening? Nothing spectacular, really. We just finished proof reading most of Jibonka, found a lot of missing or missplaced colons and letters and hope not to detect the next batch when we have the printed book in hands.

Of course, with the oil price climbing faster than green peace activists up a chimney, printing and shipping will get more expensive. And so even Gaddafi and other stubborn dictators in the arab world have a very distinct influence on the adventure of gettig published.

Meanwhile here’s a little picture, Jörg assembled for fun. The nice gentleman to the left is Eddy Oily, who in Jibonka is the idea for a manager. Yes, the idea. Accordingly he lives in Adewani Tower – where ideas live. There, he is just a rough black and white sketch, here Jörg graced him with a little colour. For the moment, the band is called “Seband”, but it might also be called “Doughfinger”. But then Utterleigh, our main character, would have to be i the picture, too.





I would like to add a piece of music, but I have not yet figured out how to do it. Soon…


13 Jan

As I mentioned in an earlier article, we had to postpone publication of “Jibonka” for a while. What we just did not take into account is the fact that some of the photos we use as backgrounds get grainy when blown up to 38 x 30 cm. Right, we are going for a big format. There is just too much going on on some of the pages – they need space.

Having said this one of the proposed options for publication is the ebook. I must say I have my doubts. While I’m aware that ebooks and ebook readers (the tech-toys, not the people) are becoming increasingly popular, I think children’s picture books are not ideal for them. Maybe if the book is “enhanced” by interactive elements or even links to web pages or blogs, it might be even better than the paper version. This of course does not come cheap. But fitting a big format onto a tiny screen?

On the other hand – an ebook can be bought anytime anywhere with a click.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we consider it? Please let us know.