about adewani

This blog is about the adventure of getting published – without a publisher. After a Hong Kong based publisher, who had accepted “Jibonka”, our first children’s picture book, for publication in 2009 was unfortunately forced to withdraw the offer due to financial troubles, the manuscript explored the top floor of my bookshelve for a long while.

Then, after some German publishers gently shook their heads in disbelief, some people overwhelmed us by furnishing us with a budget and a lot of moral support. So now we try to get “Jibonka” published on our own. And we thought some of the things happening along the way might be interesting enough toshare them.

So, from idea, early sketches, printing, shipping, marketing, problems, cunning plans and why they don’t work – we’ll post it all here. Hopefully until we can announce the exchange of currency for some sheets of extremely colourfully printed paper. And just in case you might ask, who “we” are:

Achim Wagner

Born in 1967 in Andernach, Germany. In 1996 Wagner graduated with a Masters degree in Sinology and Biology from the University of Erlangen, Germany. 1992 – 1993 he studied Chinese Language in Nanjing, China at Nanjing’s Normal University and lived in Hongkong 2002 – 2003. While working at a PR-agency he started to write for comedy shows on German TV, satire magazines and papers in 1997. He is currently working as a free lance journalist and has won a feature award of the German newspaper „Die Rheinpfalz“ in 2007.

Jörg Nittenwilm

Born in 1967 in Koblenz, Germany. After graduating with a Masters Degree in History of Arts from the University of Mainz, he went on to study Arts at the academies of Fine Arts of Karlsruhe and Düsseldorf, Germany. He then moved to Italy, where he lived and worked for ten years before returning to Germany in 2007. Nittenwilm was granted scholarships by the Italian Government at the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, by the „Cité International des Arts“ in Paris and by the German federal state Rheinland-Pfalz. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe.