Succes or failure?

5 Dec

How do you measure succes? Always a tricky question. In competetive sports it might be an easy one to answer, but not when it comes to things like music, movies or books.

Last Thursday we had our first reading in Neustadt. Everything was fine, apart from the number of empty chairs. Still, we think of it as a succes. The few who were there enjoyed the experience. We had the chance to get through our first performance and we now now which parts of it to keep, which to drop and what needs to fixed.

One of the parts that we’ll keep is the glueing bit: kids take parts cut out the book and stick them to a paper to create a Jibonka scene and thus get a feeling for what it might be like to be an illustrator. This is last Thurday’s piece:


alternative version I of Jibonka

We basically learned two things: Firstly, if Jörg starts to draw, people’s jaws drop. This is something I’ve known for more than 25 years and something Jörg still is a bit reluctant to accept. Dear illustrator and friend: Take it as a fact!
And secondly, we learned that to avoid an increasingly embarrassing silence we need a good ending.

Well, we still have until this Thursday to come up with a convincing ending. And now that we have put up some posters for the reading in bookshops and schools we might even perform for more people than chairs – don’t worry, there will be chairs… hope to see you, this Thursday 8th December, 4:30 p.m. at the Konfetti (1st floor), Friedrichstraße 36.

Jörg zeichnet, der Rest staunt


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