Details and quotations

3 May

While Jörg is working on the cover art – it deserves its own post – I finally try to get all the details nailed down with the printer. What will be glossy, what will be matte? When should we upload the artwork for the CD? Costs for mailing a dummy? And lots more. All this needs to be addressed and to be agreed upon.

So far the saleswoman of our printer was very helpful and answered all my questions promptly. Of course, after recent events proofed that laws in China only apply if the government likes them to be applied (a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry even said so in a press conference) one has to reflect doing business in China. But we are not dealing with the Chinese government. We deal with a private company in a special econimic zone. The same city actually, where a Taiwanese company exclusively produces the iphone and the ipad. And somehow I never heard anybody saying: “No, I will not use any Apple product because it is made in China.”

Anyway, the final quotation we will get is valid for two weeks and thus within the next two weeks we will finish our part of the production.


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