Quite some team

30 Mar

Incredible as it may seem (to us at least) Jibonka is almost finished. All the pages of the story are done – that leaves us with the work for a new cover and the inner pages with all the necessary data.

Meanwhile our printer gave us a good idea of size and weight of 2000 copies, which will give our shipping company enough numbers to figure out how much they will have to charge us. So in a few days we will know how much of our budget will be eaten up by printing and shipping.

Mentioning the budget reminds me that we have to be grateful to some people. People, who in different ways helped us with Jibonka. By bearing with us all those years, by setting us right about a few over-the-top-ideas, by helping us with the translation, by giving some good advice or opening doors, by forking out some serious dough or by providing me with freaky Black Forest Cake sweets.

Our Jibonka Team

They all make up the team which will help “Jibonka” find the way in some people’s shelves (we already have a few orders, so we know some copies will eventually share shelfspace with who knows what other books). And so our credits ended up as a team licence for the Jibonka Super League.



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