The wonders of photo shop

2 Mar

What is happening? Nothing spectacular, really. We just finished proof reading most of Jibonka, found a lot of missing or missplaced colons and letters and hope not to detect the next batch when we have the printed book in hands.

Of course, with the oil price climbing faster than green peace activists up a chimney, printing and shipping will get more expensive. And so even Gaddafi and other stubborn dictators in the arab world have a very distinct influence on the adventure of gettig published.

Meanwhile here’s a little picture, Jörg assembled for fun. The nice gentleman to the left is Eddy Oily, who in Jibonka is the idea for a manager. Yes, the idea. Accordingly he lives in Adewani Tower – where ideas live. There, he is just a rough black and white sketch, here Jörg graced him with a little colour. For the moment, the band is called “Seband”, but it might also be called “Doughfinger”. But then Utterleigh, our main character, would have to be i the picture, too.





I would like to add a piece of music, but I have not yet figured out how to do it. Soon…


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