Keep it … well, less complicated.

9 Feb

One of the few complications we avoided is a pagination. I hasten to add that I don’t as a rule consider pagination a major complication. In fact it is a pretty useful thing to have pages numbered. If you write an article on say “The Pickwick Papers” it helps to attribute page number 725 to “…all taps is vanities.” The alternative to the page might be: you know, that one page in the last quater of the book, where Mr Stiggins and Mr Weller discuss liquor.

Anyway, once “Jibonka” is printed and bound, its pages will stay in sequence and there are only 36 of them anyway. But in the early days we thought we needed a pagination. Needles to say that the mere addition of numbers was unacceptibly boring. So we thought of a recurring little scene for each page number: Bollyklotz was assigned to clean it.

Originally Bollyklotz was running a cleaning service, sweeping floors, dusting desks, you get the picture. But then prudent people told us that ur three main characters all earned their cake with cleaning one thing or another. So Bollyklotz all of a sudden ran a small restaurant, which at one point was named “The Rusty Wok” but has a completely differet name now.

But while he was still cleaning offices we thought it might be funny if he was to apply his proffessional skills to our pagination. Soon, there was so much action on most of the pages that the mini-Bolly would have been completely over the top, simply too much. And so he made his way to the “making of” folder.



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