Do you remember Pablo Parnasso?

25 Jan

Did I mention any problems with famous painters, photographers and copyrights? What the hell was I ranting about?

Pablo Parnasso and his cake

Admittedly, there might be a slight resemblance to a Spanish artist, depicted in a similar setting by a French photographer. But this really is Pablo Parnasso, one of the most famous Jibonka journalists of all times. All monsters remember his radio broadcast of the 1961 final at Nibbledon, when Brattenbock and Woolymob, those legendary Jibonka teams of the 60s and early 70s, met for an epic round of Jibonka. Parnasso was hoarse for almost four month after he screamed on the top of his lungs for solid 15 hours. Most memorably are his words: “Never has a Black Forest Cake been thrown in a more beautiful arch, never has it ended in a more spectacular mess of cream and crumbles.”

Be that as it may, in the later years of his carreer, he began to paint and had a big impact on artist circles and squares. In “Jibonka” we used his other famous quote: “There is no abstract cake” and show one of his great masterpieces, contain one of the few cubist cakes, art has produced in the 20th century.


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