The trouble with Picasso

21 Jan

No, Picasso was not involved in the making of Jibonka. Not actively, at least. It took us a while, but he was long departed when we started. Yet, he is a troublemaker. How so?

On one page of Jibonka, we intend to use  this famous picture, taken by Robert Doisenau ( 1912-1994). While both painter and photographer have lamentably kicked the oxygen habit, there are still copy rights with the living heirs of Doisenau for many years to come. Of course, we made a significant change: on our version of the picture there is a Black Forest Cake on the plate in front of Picasso. It was quite tricky to get the view through the glass realistically, but Jörg knows his Photoshop.

The question now is: is an added cake enough change to just put the pic in the book and not worry about it any more? Probably not. So while I am typing this, Jörg is giving the famous man in the striped shirt a new distictive look, which makes him one of the cast of charakter that could play a role in Jibonka.

I’m certainly looking forward to what the man will look like when Jörg is done. And I’ll certainly post the result as soon as I have it.


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