It’s … diverse.

11 Jan

I guess if we consider our book extraorinary, we are in good company. At least I would be more than mildly surprised if not every author thought the same about her or his first published work. But a morning like this morning makes me confident that “Jibonka” indeed is a project unlike many. After all, how many writers spend four hours in front of the computer and audio monitors, listening to themselves and their illustrator reading the story in funny voices, adding reverb and predelay to the dialogues to give them a bit of space in the mix.

Don’t worry, a couple of days ago I was completely unaware of these software gimmicks, too. But having upgraded the equipement, having recorded all the text, havig composed and recorded a title song, one would also want to mix the stuff properly. Well, mixing is a science all to itself, but I got myself a book by an expert (Friedemann Tischmeyer, Internal Mixing)…

My wife read out two pages of it the other night. It took her almost half an hour because she had to laugh so hard. Even though the book is written in perfectly correct German, she did not get the meaning of a single sentence. I got the meaning of about three.

Now, I do record my own music occasionally, which I only play to a handful of people (close friends who are well mannered enough to keep a straight face), but after learning a couple of new things about acoustics and software – for the audio book version of a children’s picture book – I can’t wait to apply my latest fiding to music that is not about monsters looking for Black Forest Cake.

Anyway, in another day or two, the German version will be done, the English version will follow.
So, the adventure of getting a children’s picture book published rewarded me with a lot of toys for boys in the basement and a considerable amount of knowledge about recording and mixing. Extraordinary.


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