To start with a regular beginning…

24 Nov

Six years ago two people met in a café. One of them brought a heap of children’s picture books, which these grown men leafed through over cappuccinos, while discussing different story lines. They did this, because they intended to write and illustrate a children’s picture book themselves. By then, they did not know what was ahead of them, how much fun it would be to create and what a pain it would be to get it “out there”. These two were us: adewani.

Two years ago adewani – illustrator Jörg Nittenwilm and writer Achim Wagner – had it all done. The book was finished and a manuscript sent over to a publisher in Hong Kong. The publisher liked it and after a meeting in Hong Kong and at the Frankfurt book fair everything seemed settled. Seemed settled! Until the publisher informed us they were sorry to let us know that due to financal problems…

Two years and one financial crisis later we have had a lot of quite positive feedback from publishers abroad and almost predictably unenthusiastic responses from German publishers. Luckilly it looks as though we don’t need them. There are a couple of very nice people who like what we did and who support us  – financially, morally, they even gave us a coffee.

And so the adventure of getting published begins again. So why not share it? In the following weeks or month we would like you to be part of our little shift from creators of a story to “managers”. If only you could see us now, hunched over cups of undisclosed beverages, chuckling over the term managers. Anyway, we hope you might enjoy the trip.


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